How to use the superLu solver?

Could you give me some instruction on how to use the superLU solver instead of the pardisco?

SuperLU 4.3 is compiled into the release software, but is only being used for the iterative solve option, and not for the direct solve. The direct solve option is recommended for semiconductor simulation.

To use SuperLU for the direct solver, you would need to compile the software. During the configuration step, you would make sure MKL_PARDISO=OFF in the build configuration. If you are using Ubuntu, you can use the scripts/ script as a guide.

To use a newer version of the SuperLU solver, you would need to make the appropriate changes in the cmake/ubuntu_18.04.cmake file. This is possible due to recent changes contributed by @gsomani, as discussed in this post: Segmentation fault when trying to run capacitor example

Thanks for your response. I will compile the devsim according to your instruction.

DEVSIM version 2.1.0 allows selection of the direct solver. To use SuperLU 4.3:

devsim.set_parameter(name='direct_solver', value='superlu')