Version 2.8.0 Release

Version 2.8.0

Python Scripts

Based on a contribution by @simbilod, all of the Python scripts have been reformatted. The build system was also updated to enforce Python script modifications are properly formatted when submitted to the project.

Data output

Reduction in Data File Sizes

Based on a contribution by @simbilod devsim.write_devices now supports reducing the file size of data files by specifying a callback function to reduce data usage. This is through the include_test option. This option is a function that takes a string and returns True if the model should be written. It is only supported for the tecplot and vtk formats.

In this example, only the NetDoping field is written to the Tecplot data file.

    include_test=lambda x: x in ("NetDoping",),

FLOOPS Data File Output

The floops option for devsim.write_devices has been removed.

Platform Support

Windows Build Issue

During testing, it was found the Visual Studio 2022 builds were failing a test related to threading. This was found to be a problem with version 17.10, but not version 17.9. This affects the build automation, but should not affect the binary releases.

Centos 7 End of Life

This is the last version to support Centos 7 before its end of life on June 30, 2024. After this date we will be moving to the AlmaLinux 8 based manylinux_2_28.

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