Transient diode example

Hi Juan
Thank you for sharing this code. I ran basic example diode simulation diode_1d and displayed results in Paraview. Now I want to try diode simulation with transient voltage signal. I looked at other examples and in documentation and on forum but could not find out. Please can you share very simple example of transient diode simulation (with comments) showing how to do it?
Thank you again

Hi @KarlR

Please see these examples for transient driving a circuit in the testing directory:

Using circuit nodes is necessary (I think) to accumulate the transient current at the contact. So please start with:


which applies a voltage source to a diode and replace the small signal ac solve statements with the transient ones. It would be easiest to use something the transient_bdf1 method with a constant time step.

Please let me know if you have any questions or run into any issues.

Please note that you need one transient_dc step to initialize the transient simulation followed by a transient_bdf1 solve for each time step.

Thank you Juan. I will try these things.