The unit of length in the diode

Hi Devsim team,

I suspect that the unit of length in the diode chapter is wrongly described. From the code, it looks like 10^{-5}cm, not 10^{-6}cm, but I’m not sure.

Because from the description of the unit in the capacitor chapter, it looks like the unit of length for pos and ps is cm.

But I didn’t find a description of the unit of length elsewhere in the docs, so I’m wondering if the units of length inside Devsim are all cm.

Hi @Hui

Thanks for your question. The parameters are all based on cm, so the length dimension in a 1D mesh are implicitly in cm. What you are showing is a diode which is 10^{-5} cm long. I will update the documentation. Thanks for pointing this out.


Hi Juan, Thank you for the clarification. :grinning:

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