Support for older versions of Python

In the interests of more efficient data transfer between the internal data structures and the Python C-API, please consider this poll concerning the minimum Python version required to run DEVSIM. Please add comments, if needed.

  • Require Python 3.6 or higher (current)
  • Require Python 3.11 or higher (proposed)

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The question is also, how difficult is it from our point of view to switch from Python 3.6 to 3.11?
This is a painful procedure?

Hi @diabloi,

It is straightforward to run a 3.6 script on 3.11. The only issue is that modules written in C/C++ have to be recompiled for the new version, or use the Python stable API. DEVSIM currently works with any intepreter for version 3.6 and higher.