Release Version 2.6.0

Version 2.6.0

Symbolic Factorization Reuse

The Intel MKL solver will now use reuse the symbolic factorization, if the simulation matrix sparse matrix pattern has not changed after the second nonlinear solver iteration. This reduces simulation time, but can result in numerical differences in the simulation result. Setting the environment variable, DEVSIM_NEW_SYMBOLIC, will do a new symbolic factorization for each iteration.

This behavior may be controlled by using this option in the solve command

solve(symbolic_iteration_limit = -1)

where setting the value to -1 will create a new symbolic factorization for all nonlinear iterations. Setting the value to a number greater than 0 will mark all iterations afterwards for reusing the previous symbolic factorization.

Reset Simulator

The reset_devsim command will clear all simulator data, so that a program restart is not necessary.

Build Infrastructure

LAPACK is Optional

When LAPACK functions are not available, it is now possible to use Eigen instead. BLAS is still required. It is up to the direct solver being used to determine necessary LAPACK functions.

Self Contained Build

The build infrastructure is being updated to support a small application build on different systems. For these builds, some commands are removed and SuperLU is the only available solver.

SuperLU Solver

For self contained builds, some commands are removed and SuperLU is the only available solver.

Citing DEVSIM has been updated with recent articles written about the simulator.

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