Question about the initial guess of DriftDiffusion solution

Dear Juan,

I check the DriftDiffusionInitialSolution in the diode example and find you setting the initial guess of n and p to IntrinsicElectrons and IntrinsicHoles.

Why not set the like:

In N-type side: n = abs(NetDoping), p=n_{i}^{2}/NetDoping
In P-type side: p = abs(NetDoping), n=n_{i}^{2}/NetDoping

I think this initial guess is more close the physics. But it is hardly converged when I change the initial guess.

The IntrinsicElectrons and IntrinsicHoles models are based on solving an equilibrium solution for the Potential equation. These means a flat Fermi level, even in a depletion region.

Your approach should be fairly close in the quasi-neutral regions, but would be less accurate in the depletion regions.

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