Program stops without error

Hello, everyone!
In recently calculation, I always found the program stops but no error is proposed. Does anyone know why?And when I reduce the step in the It will work well. It is abnormal, because the iterations don’t achieve the limit setting. As shown in below:

Hi @ghost

It is diverging on the second iteration, but I don’t know why it stopping, because the default is for the simulation to stop if it diverges for more than 20 iterations. It may be possible that the program is crashing in the math solver. Can you please show the what options you used for the ramp command and the output at the windows command prompt:

echo %errorlevel%

sorry so late to reply. Below is the command and output:

And when I use 0.01 to replace 0.025, the program can run well.

Hi @ghost

That errorlevel indicates to me that this may be crashing in the solver. Can you send me the result from:


to ensure that the Intel MKL solver is being used, and not SuperLU. SuperLU is removed in version 2.5

If it is not able to converge without the smaller step. Perhaps try to use the smaller step for a few bias points, and then try increasing it back to 0.025.

From the name of your project, it may help convergence to use the extended precision solver:

devsim.set_parameter(name = "extended_solver", value=True)
devsim.set_parameter(name = "extended_model", value=True)
devsim.set_parameter(name = "extended_equation", value=True)

sorry. I don’t know if I do it right. Below is the output:

And I have used the extended precision solver but this problem will appear still. I will update it to 2.5 and try it again.

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And it happen still after I updated. But use initial step _size = 0.01. It works well and won’t stop.

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