I want to modify gmsh_mos2d.py

hi, i’m student interested in MOSFET device. recently, i try to modify gmsh_mos2d.py in examples\mobility. because i want to observe short channel effects
but i faced some problem . please give me some tips!

my final goal is scaling down of MOSFET.

Here is what I’ve tried so far:

  1. modify gmsh_mos2d.geo

i changed some parameter ( thickness)
oxide thickness 1e-5 → 5e-6 & device thickness 1e-4 > 5e-5

  1. modify gmsh_mos2d_create.py

i also changed same parameter with same value in geo file

but the graph is still the same.

What should I do?

Hi @jab2 , you need to use Gmsh (from https://gmsh.info/ ) to convert the .geo geometry file to a mesh. The resulting should be in the older 2 format. From the command line:

gmsh -2 -format 'msh2' gmsh_mos2d.geo

The resulting gmsh_mos2d.msh will then be loaded.

Hi Jaun!
I’m so grateful to you. finally, I did it :slight_smile:

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