How to improve the calculating speed?

I simulated a 20000 nodes example with 1000 V applied, the calculating time is about two days. How can I decrease the calculation time?

could you give me a version used SuperLU in the macOS

I use the gcc+11 compile the project, but the errors are that

g++-11: error: unrecognized command-line option '-weak-lblas'
g++-11: error: unrecognized command-line option '-weak-llapack'

That is a significant ramping in voltage. Please check to make sure that the default option is being used instead of log_damp in the variable_update option of the equation command:

The logarithmic damping option is best for when the voltage ramping is on the order of 25 mV to 1 V. For 1000 V, you should not use this option.

Please see the .travis.yml file in the base directory to see how to call /scripts/ script with the gcc option, instead of clang. The -lweak linker options are specific to the macOS linker.

You will need to then make the appropriate edits in scripts/ and cmake/osx-gcc.cmake to user SuperLU instead of the Intel MKL. If you wish to use extended precision, you will need the gfortran compiler to compile external/getrf, or this can be disabled by turning DEVSIM_EXTENDED_PRECISION=OFF. Setting MKL_PARDISO=OFF implies using SuperLU for the direct solver.