How to calculate Cxy


For a multi terminal device such as MOS, how to get Cxy such as Cdg?

I tried to add voltage sources:
circuit_element(name=“Vg”, n1=GetContactBiasName(“gate”), n2=0, value=0.0, acreal=1.0, acimag=0.0)
circuit_element(name=“Vd”, n1=GetContactBiasName(“drain”), n2=0, value=0.0, acreal=0.0, acimag=0.0)
circuit_element(name=“Vs”, n1=GetContactBiasName(“source”), n2=0, value=0.0, acreal=0.0, acimag=0.0)

then calculate the Cdg with
cap=get_circuit_node_value(node=“Vd.I”, solution=“ssac_imag”)/ (-2*math.pi)

the cap is zero.
how to get Cdg?

This has been resolved.

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