Error: "Electrons" is missing from all the blocks of this composite dataset


Thank you developing and sharing the DevSim package.

I am new to using this software. I am using this google colab notebook here . While running the diode 3D example, I got the error: KeyError: ‘“Electrons” is missing from all the blocks of this composite dataset.’. Any thoughts on how to fix this error?

Hi @Kamal_Choudhary,

@simbilod contributed this example.

Hi @simbilod

Do you happen to know what might be wrong? I can look at this tomorrow if he is not available.

This statement:

    reader = pv.get_reader('gmsh_diode3d_dd.dat')

is attempting to load a devsim formatted file instead of (I’m guessing) Tecplot.

Please try changing this statement:

write_devices(file="gmsh_diode3d_dd.dat", type="devsim")


write_devices(file="gmsh_diode3d_dd.dat", type="tecplot")

and see if that fixes the issue.

Hi, sorry for the late rely. The example notebook still runs for me and displays electrons. I agree with Juan: the data needs to be in tecplot format for proper loading

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