Conda install DEVSIM?

it would greatly streamline installation and allow DEVSIM to be easily made into a dependency in other projects if there was a way to retrieve it from a package manager

There exists a docker container (GitHub - thesourcerer8/OpenSourceTCAD: Easy access to OpenSource TCAD Tools), but something like a conda package would be much easier

is there any interest in implementing this?

PS: We are trying to integrate open-source TCAD into our open-source layout software which already has circuit simulators and photonic simulator plugins; currently DEVSIM and Charon are good contenders.

Hi @simbilod ,

Thanks for contacting us concerning your project.

TLDR: I would like for devsim to be part of a standard package, but I do not know the best practices for doing this for an arbitrary Python distribution. If you know an expert willing to help us, it would be appreciated.

Long Response:

The binary releases of DEVSIM should be compatible with any Python distribution version 3.3 or greater on macOS (intel), Windows, and Linux. A BLAS/LAPACK dynamic library must be available somewhere on the system. The zlib and sqlite3 dependencies are usually available as part of the Python distribution or operating system.

I am not an expert on Python packaging. Installing the package from source can be automated, but
I’ve never figured out how to make additional directories (examples, testing, doc) available in a “Pythonic” way. I also like the ability to have one DEVSIM installation to be accessible from any Python distribution on the system, but this is not a requirement.

Ok, I will look into it and ask around!


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