Newbie: Building from source and familiarizing with code

I had a few questions:

  1. My directory structure is as follows (for a MSVC build from source):

Is this the intended directory structure? Or is devsim_tests_win64 meant to be cloned within “devsim”?

Staying in “…\DevSim\devsim”, when I run “scripts\build_appveyor.bat x64 conda 2.0.0”, it all goes thru fine barring the following exceptions that flashed as errors (but the process continued, it didn’t abort)

- bison
- flex
- info

Is it ok if these fail?

  1. I’m trying to get familiar with the code base (to do development and eventually contribute). Where do I start, and where is the main() function? (ie. which C++ file)

  2. To run the regression tests, in which directory am I supposed to stay when I invoke run_tests.bat? If I stay with “devsim\dist”, I get an error “No tests were found” and aborts. If I stay in “devsim”, it aborts even earlier. (or perhaps I’ve got that reversed. But the point is, it didn’t work in either case)


Hi @vharihar ,

Thank you for your interest in the software.

flex and bison are required for the simulator to work.

Would it be possible to share the errors you are seeing?

One prerequisite is to ensure that MSYS is installed from and the installation should be in the standard location. Please see for more information.

To run the tests, take the .zip file that should be created and unzipped as devsim_tests_win64/devsim_win64_v2.0.0.

Please note the tests should be run from the Anaconda provided command prompt. First run:


The use the run_tests.bat script like:

run_tests.bat v2.0.0
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The simulator runs as a python module. If you want to understand the program from the C++ level, you should dispatch devsim commands in the python script and follow them in the debugger.

On the C++ side, a good entry point for each command is in: